Custom In-Flight Photography of You and Your Plane

Cessna 180 float plane Flying To Mt Mckinley Southcentral Ak Summer

Have me capture your plane doing what it is meant to do – FLY. She always looks better in flight with a stunning Alaska glacier, epic mountain or majestic landscape behind it. Using my preferred, experienced air-to-air pilots (fixed wing or helicopter) as the photo-platform, I will coordinate an in-flight photo shoot for you and your plane for the perfect mantelpiece photograph.


Air-to-Air photography varies depending on time and photo platform used for air-to-air images. Example: 2 hours of fixed-wing flight time and shooting: $1500

You keep the digital files of the images created for your own personal use as prints, in social media etc. I can have high-quality metal prints and/or a book made for you.

Ground-based photography also available. I will fly with you to the location of your choice, or I can recommend spectacular locations.

Contact me today via e-mail or by phone at 907-279-2797