I have performed professional corporate and editorial photography for many local, national and international clients. I enjoy and do my best work when my clients and I collaborate on what the “best” photos will look like, well before the shoot. Corporate and editorial clients have trusted my photography and logistical skills to capture the best creative images of a situation or person – on-time and on-budget.

I am equally comfortable on assignment photographing a CEO in the board room as I am crawling on the floor to photograph workers inside a crowded industrial plant, making aerial images from fixed-wing airplanes or helicopters or interacting with local Alaskans in the smallest of villages.

With my extensive knowledge of Alaskan locations, the diverse people, travel logistics and what it takes to make great images, I will produce the very best images I can of your assignment.

After the Assignment

To me, photography is both Art and Science. Skill on a computer, after the assignment, is just as important as making the images in the first place. My workflow includes redundant backups before the first edit, then processing your images to the very best they can be and posting the best images on a web-gallery for your selection. High-res images of your selects are then put on a server for your download. All images are archived on several backup servers indefinitely. I employ an assistant to be sure you have the images when you need them if I’m out of town.

Contact Jeff Schultz to discuss your Alaska professional photography assignment needs for your next commercial or editorial project.

Selected assignment clients include:

Time for Kids
Sunset Magazine
Reader’s Digest
Boy’s Life
Parade Magazine
State of Alaska
TIME Magazine
Crowley Maritime
Princess Cruises
University of Alaska Anchorage