Best of Jeff Schultz Photography

I’m often times asked what my favorite photo is. With 40+ years of photography under my belt, it’s really an impossible question to answer. A lot of my favorite photos have to do with the experience at the moment–personal experiences whether on my own or in a group. And beyond that, often times my favorite photos are ones where the location and the subject just struck a real chord in my soul AND I was able, by the grace of God, to make the photo have that same feeling.

My wife Joan said it best a while back when I told her someone asked about my favorite photo. She said “Jeff your favorite photo is your NEXT PHOTO because you are always in pursuit of a unique and powerful image.

When you want to keep Alaska in the forefront of your thoughts every day, consider my yearly Alaska calendar.
13 photos are on display in this 9 x 12 calendar which is photographed, designed and printed in Alaska.