October in Photos

Last month, October, was a short month of shooting for me. WAY too much office stuff going on and did not get out much. But I did manage to get…


November in Photos

Here’s a slide show with a handful of my favorite images shot last month in November. No words, no shutter speeds, just pure photography and music. Enjoy, Jeff!

Northern Lights 300 Wrap Up

I recently held my first ever dog mushing and night sky photography workshop during the Northern Lights 300 sled dog race at Winterlake Lodge — the turnaround checkpoint of the…


Nenana Here we come.

Today is the re-start of the 2015 Iditarod.  Due to the lack of snow the re-start was moved from Willow to Fairbanks.  The last time the trail started in Fairbanks…


My Most Favorite Composition

In the middle of May there was a clear stretch of weather and I went on an overnight shoot to make images in the Glacier View area. I shot this…


Moving through Manley

The mushers have reached Manley Hot Springs.  This is their second checkpoint for the 2015 Iditarod.  This is the last checkpoint on the road system.  They are mushing through sub-zero…


Moose and Pond Photo

I am just so blessed to be able to live in this place we call Alaska. And making a photo like this I think can only happen here. Especially when…


Moon Shots

I think there is something way intriguing about the moon and stars.  For me, it’s a wonderful experience to be out at dusk, dark and dawn as they fill the…


March 4, 2015

Today was the mandatory Veterinary Check for this years Iditarod.  Mushers brought their dogs to the Iditarod Headquarters so that volunteer veterinarians can make sure that the dogs are healthy…


March 2017 Slideshow

A few of my favorite images from March. No explanation, no text, no f-stops and shutter speeds. Just an old fashion slide show. Enjoy 90 seconds in Alaska with me.

Making our way to the coast.

We left Huslia this morning around 11am and just landed in Kaltag for a quick stop before we head to Unalakleet this evening.  Aaron Burmister was the first one into…


Let My 38th Year Begin!

Let my 38th year of photographing the Iditarod begin! It was a wonderful morning to take some photographs of dogs and their mushers. Keep following me as I photograph the…


Leaving Manley Hot Springs Behind

Most of the mushers have checked in at the Manley Hot Springs checkpoint and are back on the trail to Tanana.  Here are a few more photographs from this afternoon. …