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Many, many people visit Denali National Park in interior Alaska every year. But most don’t understand that the National Park itself is not very conducive to good photography. Only the first 14 miles of the 90-mile park road is open to private vehicles and the general public. The rest of the Park road is restricted by the park service and one must enter that area on one of the many Park Service shuttle buses. (Currently the park road is closed at mile 43 due to construction. Hopefully that will reopen by summer of 2027)   The bus is definitely a worthwhile trip, as that restriction is what makes Denali Park so very wild.  The bus ride just does not make for the greatest photography experience on a bus with 40 of your closest friends.

With that said, there is a wonderful opportunity to photograph outside the actual National Park, along the park boundary.  My colleagues Terry and Bethany Boyd at Denali Photo Guides run fabulous photo tour operation right there near the park entrance. They take a maximum of four participants per tour and the tours are designed for all skill levels.  Their skilled photo guides know where to take you where the weather and wildlife are best and will teach you how to better make use of your camera…even a smart phone. They have a team of friendly, knowledgeable, photographer-guides.

I highly recommend their “Midnight Sun Photo Excursion”.  It’s something you can do after you’ve taken the bus into the park if you desire to do that, and the lighting is spectacular at that time of evening and oftentimes more wildlife shows up as the day begins to cool. For a true epic adventure, consider their “Back-country Photo Excursion” using a helicopter for unique access.

Get 5% off your Denali Photo Tour by using my code— JSPDPG —When Booking online OR tell them that code on the phone


I believe you will like your experience using Denali Photo Guides.

You can use the 5% off discount code (JSPDPG) when reserving online. If you’d like to contact on the phone, mention Jeff Schultz photography and the code to get your discount.


Denali Photo Guides
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