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One of my VERY favorite locations to photograph and also a place I bring many, many of my photo tours is the area along the Glenn highway, about 2 hours north/northeast of Anchorage, called “Glacier View”.  It’s an area from mile 89 of the Glenn highway to mile 117. The highway snakes and meanders its way in a narrow valley along the Matanuska River and past the best road-side glacier, the Matanuska.  Here, the highway hugs the base of the Talkeetna mountains to the west and the Chugach mountains are just a few miles to the east on the other side. A very photo rich environment.

My all-time favorite lodge/restaurant and activity area here is Sheep Mountain Lodge. It’s been there since the 1930’s.  As of several years ago the newest owner of the lodge, Mark, who’s also a pilot, runs helicopter trips around the area. Within 6 minutes you can be hovering over the Matanuska glacier, lakes and rivers.  Doing aerial photography is one of my favorite options for spectacular photos.  You will likely always see wildlife from the air.

Besides being your pilot, Mark is also a very skilled photographer and he’ll put you in the right place to make great photos and can also give you some very good photo instruction.

There are several tours to consider on his site besides my reccommended 2-hour “Private Bucket List/Photography Custom tour”. But, for my money and anyone wanting to do serious photography, this is THE BEST option to do  spectacular photography where you’ll have a custom, private experience (for up to 3 people) and with two landings, enough time to make good photos.

While 2 hours is a LOT of time to make good photos, it would not hurt to book two of these tours– either back-to-back or one in the morning and one in the evening to get you even more time and different options.  You won’t regret it.  My suggestion would be to book 2 nights at the lodge (which has fabulous cabins and spectacular food) which will give you time to shoot around the area as well.

2-Hour Private (Summer or Winter)
Bucket List Photo Tour

Mark will explain the opportunities available as of that day and customize the tour to your interests—blue pools of water, wildlife sightings, ice cave, good light on the mountains etc. allowing you to make the decision on where to go. Or just leave it to Mark and he’ll take you to some spectacular places. You can always modify this custom photo tour in the air if you see something you like.

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Summer and Fall in Alaska has everything springing to life. The frozen water becomes liquid again the foliage turns to life. Even so, in this area there’s still a lot of options for snow and ice images contrasted with all of the brilliant color of life. Summer and Fall is a great time to do a photo tour from Sheep Mountain Lodge.

Click this slide show to view photos I’ve made over the years during a summer photo tour with Mark.


Winter in the glacier view area brings many new options to the table. An opportunity to get into ice caves and photograph the majestic snow and ice.

Click this slide show to view photos I’ve made over the years during a winter photo tour with Mark


If you have not done aerial photography in the past, please be sure to check out my YouTube video explaining how to do it best.