Buckey Winkley

Alaska Registered Guide #34
Since 1964

Wildlife Artist * World Adventurer

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Alaska Wilderness & Wildlife Pen and Ink

About Buckey

I was born February 19, 1942 in Danvers, Massachusetts, 20 miles north of Boston. Our family never spent the school summer vacation there and instead we headed 90 miles north to our farm in Ossipee, New Hampshire. There I could walk out into the woods for 5 miles with no roads or houses. In my generation we got drafted for the army. Instead of waiting for the draft, I enlisted in December 1960 when I was 18. I had it in writing that I’d be sent to Alaska after basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. May 5, 1961 found me at Fort Richardson army base near Anchorage. I wanted to be in Alaska for the wilderness, the wildlife and the hunting.

One of Buckey’s brochures advertising, his bronze sculptures.

I hitchhiked North one weekend and stopped at the end of a gravel road at old Montana Creek Lodge. There was no bridge across the creek, at that point, and no road to Talkeetna. While eating a hamburger there at the lodge, a yellow super cub airplane landed at the end of the road. The pilot came in, sat next to me at the counter and asked what I was up to. I said, “I am exploring Alaska”.  After we finished lunch, he told me to get in the backseat of his plane and we would fly to Talkeetna.

That man was Don Sheldon. I had only been in Alaska a few months, but I’d heard of him as one of Alaska’s most famous Bush pilots. He got me the job at Rainy Pass Lodge in the wilderness of the Alaska Range, Alaska’s oldest hunting lodge since 1937.

I went there in August of 1964 and I have been a hunting guide there and in other parts of Alaska for 62+ years.

I booked a man in 1970 from Massachusetts for Alaska.  They were 20-day hunts back then.  I used a 16mm movie camera to film his trip. In September and October 1970 we went 10 days to Newfoundland, Canada. In June 1971 we did 21 days in Zambia Africa.  I filmed hunting safaris on 12 trips in Africa plus two in Nepal, Iran and Pakistan and the last in October of 1989 in Siberia.

I have always been an artist. I did some oils and watercolor. I did scrimshaw on about 150 walrus tusks until the government made it illegal to buy the ivory. Then I turned to bronze sculptures of Alaska Wildlife. Starting in the mid-1960s until 1975 I created detailed pen and ink drawings. I had each original photographed and then sold the original to my hunting clients. I now have about 160 negatives from those originals. Prints of these drawings, from over 50 years ago, are what I have for sale here.

My life has been a great adventure on wilderness trails, beyond the end of the road.

Buckey Winkley

Buckey inside his living room museum of historic guns, knives, bullets and powder flasks.
Buckey rides in his restored 1924 Ford Model T on Puntilla Lake at Rainy Pass Lodge during the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. It was said to be one of the first patented “Snowmobiles”.

Current Artwork Prints for sale

All of the artwork available below are reproductions of Buckey’s original pen and ink drawings created between 1965-ish and 1975. Each piece of artwork is reproduced on a 12” x 18” heavy-weight, white paper with a one and a half inch white border around it. The prints are stored flat and then, once ordered, are rolled and mailed in a cardboard tube via first class mail. Prices below include mailing to the United States. Sorry, no international orders.

  • Arctic Lord

  • Dall Ram – Coming Down to Feed

  • Dall Rams Band of Brothers

  • Grizzly Bear – Overwatch

  • Mallard Ducklings – First Look Around

  • Red Fox

  • They’re Gone

  • Shoulder Look

  • Grubbing