Helilcopter tour at Knik Glacier and Chugach Mountains Southcentral, Alaska

I am happy to say that my 2020 scheduled and private photo tours took place without incident and took into account all local and State of Alaska COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. Our policy is to continue with the current mandates and use the procedures for what has worked in the past. See below for links to the current information regarding State of Alaska restrictions & information on Jeff Schultz Photography Inc. COVID-19 mitigation plan.

State of Alaska Traveler Information

Please take the time to carefully read all of the current State of Alaska travel instructions on the official State of Alaska traveler information website. They have step-by-step instructions. It is likely Covid mandates and recommendations will change the closer we get to your travel time. Please review it regularly. I will contact all clients signed up for a photo tour if there are significant changes to State of Alaska mandates, but ultimately it is your responsibility to have the most current info and be compliant to it: https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/

Jeff Schultz Photography Mitigation Plan

Below is a link to the currently used Jeff Schultz Photography Covid-19 mitigation plan for your review. This will be updated as local, State and Federal mandates and guidelines change. My goal is to keep us all safe, healthy and enjoy a great Alaska photo tour experience:




If you need more information about getting to Alaska, please don’t hesitate to contact me.