Alaska Outdoor & Classroom Custom Photography Instruction

jeff-schultz-portrait2Are you a photographer living in or traveling through Anchorage or Southcentral, Alaska?
Are Jeff’s workshops not aligning with your busy schedule or photography interests?
Is there a particular photographic technique you want to improve?


If you found yourself nodding your head to any of these questions, then this custom photography instruction is right for you! Simply tell me about your custom needs and interests and I will make it happen.


I understand that individual needs are different and a group workshop does not work for everyone. Much more specific information can be taught in a one-on-one environment. Together, you and I will arrange a date, time, and a meeting place. Then, I will help you achieve your goal – to produce better imagery!

Icebergs in lake at Inner Lake George with Colony Glacier. Colony Glacier photo workshop by Jeff Schultz and Alaska Photo Treks with Stewart's Photo Shop. Alaska Copyright Jeff Schultz/
Colony Glacier Photography Workshop June, 7 2015 Jerry Wortley, Jose, Miles, Brendan, Greg and Suzanne Brown (C) Jeff Schultz/
during the Alaska Photo Treks 2015 Denali Photo Workshop in Denali National Park at Camp Denali.

Here are some of the things I can do during a time of custom photography instruction:

  • Classroom time to teach and help you understand basic photography or any photo techniques you’d like to learn.
  • Location Field time to practice what was taught in the classroom or simply field time to teach you on-location where you can practice as the lessons are being taught.
  • With over 30 years in the commercial stock and corporate photography business, I have the experience and knowledge to help improve your photography skills.

Jeff also offers custom classroom & on-location instruction for your small group on a variety of photographic topics including but not limited to: taking better photos no matter where you are, stock photography, becoming a professional photographer, marketing, copyright and more.



$125 per hour — 1 1/2 hour minimum ($187.50)
$500 Half Day for first two people (4 Hours Including Travel Time)
$875 Full Day for first two people (8 Hours Including Travel Time)
$175 Half Day/$275 Full Day For Each Additional Person in Your Group (* Limit of 4)
$1250 for a 24-hour, overnight period: plus meals, lodging, and fuel.

Contact Jeff to set up a custom instruction session