Name: Kaila Charles
Age: 29
Residence: Wasilla, AK

Occupation: Coffee Shop Owner

Years lived in Alaska: 29

Current Location: Westchester Lagoon Anchorage, Alaska

Date of Photo: January 7, 2021
Temperature: 28 F 
Current Weather: Partly Sunny, Mostly Cloudy

Image Description: Kaila pauses from skating for a moment while enjoying some personal hockey time with her sister on the ice rink at Westchester Lagoon in Midtown Anchorage. 

What first brought you to Alaska:

I first came to Alaska because I was born here so I wasn’t left with much choice. 

How has Alaska captured your heart?

Alaska has captured my heart because it’s a lot different from anywhere else in this world. 

Describe just one of your favorite “Best Days” or  “Most memorable experiences”  in Alaska. 

My most memorable experience in Alaska is probably walking in Eklutna when I was younger. Every weekend my grandparents … something that you don’t really forget. The lake—Eklutna Lake is really pretty. The views whether the weather was good or bad were always great. That’s just a special place for me.

What in Life do you know for sure?

What I know for sure in life is that it is hard but it is the most rewarding.

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