Name: Christine Gerber & Makeda
Age: 46
Residence: South Anchorage
Occupation: Marketing for an aviation company
Years lived in Alaska: Since 2010
Current Location: Glen Alps Parking Lot. Chugach State Park
Date of Photo: December 28, 2019
Temperature: 9 F
Current Weather: Most Cloudy, very light snow

Image Description: Christina and her sled dog, Makeda, ready to head out on a backcountry ski in the fresh powder on the Powerline Pass trail in the Glen Alps area of Chugach State Park.

What first brought you to Alaska:
What originally brought me to Alaska was my husband’s love for this state and his dream of living here. I didn’t know how quickly it would become my dream as well, but getting a taste of life up here, I knew I’d never leave.

How has Alaska captured your heart?
Alaska has captured my heart through its amazing beauty, its constant change and space and stillness. I go back to the lower 48 and I don’t even know the place anymore. It’s so much better up here.

Describe just one of your favorite “Best Days” or “Most memorable experiences” in Alaska
One of my most memorable days in Alaska was hiking with my sister. We sat under a tree to enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and were greeted by a wolverine coming up the trail who had obvious curiosity and came very close to us. Our hearts were beating so fast, and I just stood up and tried to make myself big and noisy, and he slowly, slowly walked away. It was awesome.

What in Life do you know for sure?
The only thing I know for sure in this life is that once you’re sure about something, it’s going to change.

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  1. Jeff: My daughter in law is Christina Gerber. When I travel from San Diego, CA to Anchorage and spend time with Christina, my son Reuben and grandson ELI 6, I see how much all three love and enjoy everything about Alaska. With both working and Eli in school, all three make time daily to be outside, hiking with the dogs, biking, skiing, swimming, Zoo, Museums, traveling the state, eating from the garden and enjoying nature. I am positive I will never see my kids moving back from Alaska. I might have to move there…..

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