Name: Christopher Osbekoff

Age: 32
Residence: Kodiak Island, Alaska

Occupation: Hunting and Sport Fishing Guide

Years lived in Alaska: 32 my whole life

Current Location: Mush Bay at Roher Bear Camp – Kodiak Island

Date of Photo: September 2, 2023

Temperature: 55 F/Outdoors
Current Weather: Little overcast, slight breeze

What brought you to live in Alaska:

I first came to Alaska because I was born here. Originally from Homer. I spent my younger life there, and then my parents gave me a unique lifestyle where I was homeschooled in interior Alaska through my middle school years, and then they would travel me to New Zealand. But always coming back to Alaska every time. It’s always been home. Now, I reside in Kodiak, my place of work for the Roher Bear Camp.

How has Alaska captured your heart?

Alaska has captured my heart because, well, it’s always been home. I’ve traveled abroad, never been inspired by what I saw, but Alaska just has so much personal freedom for me, being an individual that likes to be outdoors. It’s just unlimited amounts of terrain. I don’t have to worry about public access as for private property being an issue, and it’s just wild. Everything you go, everything you see is wild here. You don’t have to worry about farmland or seeing anything developed once you go off the road system. It’s a wonderful place.

Describe just one of your favorite “Best Days” or  “Most memorable experiences”  in Alaska. 

My most memorable experience in Alaska that really speaks about Alaska is when I was in remote interior Alaska with my family. We had a full moonlit night, about six feet of fresh powder over the entire landscape. We went for a walk out around the island that our cabin was on the river system, and you could just see it was daylight in the middle of the night, and everything was glowing and just white. It was just dead silent and just beautiful. I’ll never forget it.

What in Life do you know for sure?

What I know for sure in life is, well, one, I’ll never leave Alaska. It’s always going to be home. And I’ll never stop fishing. It’s always been my passion. I’ll always be a sport fisherman. Probably always be a sport fishing guide in some way or another up here. And yeah, that’s my life, fishing and staying in Alaska, where it’s wild.

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