Name: Dorothy Towson
Age: 66
Residence: Yukon River
Occupation: artist
Years lived in Alaska: Since 2004
Current Location: Yukon River Crossing on the Dalton Highway.
Date of Photo: August 26, 2019
Temperature: 55F
Current Weather: Mostly cloudy/ partly sunny

Image Description: Dorothy stands outside her artist gift shop at the Yukon River crossing of the Dalton Highway.

What first brought you to live in Alaska: It’s just something my family always wanted to do. And by that, I mean my husband, my son and my daughter and me.

1. How has Alaska captured your heart or turned you off?

Well, there’s so many ways. That’s why I have to sit and think about it. I don’t know what to boil down to. Um, I just like wilderness and, I guess, the nicest thing about here is, where I live, I don’t have, you know, I can make a living without making too much money because I don’t have all the other things like property taxes and building codes. And so that’s nice. And just being able to do that. And to live where I live. I love living out in the country and I like all the solitude.

2. Describe just one of your most favorite “Best Day” or “Most memorable experiences” in Alaska.

Just too many. Okay. Maybe I’ll just pick the day I came because it was a new beginning and it was an exciting one. And ever since then has been one adventure after another. So many different people I meet, Oh, you’re here in my shop from all over the world. And all the experiences I’ve experienced through these people are just – I can’t think of any place better to live or a better job.

3. What in Life do you know for sure?

Well, just that God loves you very much and to pass that message on to other people and to know that Jesus really did die on the cross for your sins. And with that you can live a happier and better life.

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