Name: Duane Shaw
Age: 63
Residence: Indianapolis
Occupation: Retired 911 paramedic
Years lived in Alaska: This is my second season volunteering with the BLM
Current Location: Milepost 56 of the Dalton Highway at the Yukon River
Date of Photo: August 28, 2019
Temperature: 58
Current Weather: Partly cloudy

Image Description: During a lull of visitors asking questions at the BLM information kiosk at the Yukon River crossing of the Alaska pipeline, Duane takes a break outside near the interpretive displays with the pipeline in the background.

What first brought you to live in Alaska: To volunteer with the BLM

1. How has Alaska captured your heart or turned you off?

I had never been to Alaska before until I came last year the first time to volunteer. And the Interior, especially as you go further north, is just incredibly beautiful – you won’t see anywhere else.

2. Describe just one of your most favorite “Best Day” or “Most memorable experiences” in Alaska.

That would have been just last Thursday on my way back from Deadhorse. The tundra was in fall colors and it was just absolutely breath-taking.

3. What in Life do you know for sure?

We’re not here for very long, so make use of your time.

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