Name: James “Clutch” Lounsbury
Age: 74
Residence: Wiseman, Alaska
Occupation: Operator, retired miner, museum specialist and an ice hockey rink builder
Years lived in Alaska: born and raised here
Current Location: Wiseman
Date of Photo: August 28, 2019
Temperature: 58F
Current Weather: partly cloudy

Image Description: Clutch stands outside his home/office in downtown Wiseman, Alaska

What first brought you to live in Alaska: People ask me, have I been here all my life, I tell them “Not yet.”

1. How has Alaska captured your heart or turned you off?

Well, the beauty of the mountains and the flowers, they’re all the way to the top of the hill. In the winter it’s beautiful just because I like hockey (laughter) and I like outdoors, so I don’t mind a little snow.

2. Describe just one of your most favorite “Best Day” or “Most memorable experiences” in Alaska.

That’s a good one. Probably the best day of my life in Wiseman or in Alaska is when the vice president of the Saint Louis blues came to my house on my birthday and presented me with the Saint Louis Blues jersey with my name on it. And they won the Stanley Cup this year.

3. What in Life do you know for sure?

I know for sure that none of us are going to get out of here alive and we’re not going to take anything with us.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I’m a journalist in Alaska and am publishing a nonfiction book with the University of Alaska Press of Alaska sourdough stories. One of my main characters is Clutch Lounsbury, and I love this photo of him! Would you consider letting me use it for my book, and what would you charge? Thank you for considering this request!

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