Name: Joseph Cannon
Age: 42
Residence: Goldstream Valley, Fairbanks
Occupation: tour bus driver
Years lived in Alaska: since 2012
Current Location: Mile 1 Dalton Highway
Date of Photo: Monday August 26, 2019
Temperature: 41
Current Weather: Overcast with sun

Image Description: During one of his Arctic Circle tours, Joe leans against his tour van as visitors pose for a photo behind him at the James Dalton Highway information pullout.

What first brought you to live in Alaska: I always wanted to come. So I had a yard sale and sold everything. I jumped on a motorcycle and I woke up with $48 in my pocket when I got here. I made it work.

1. How has Alaska captured your heart or turned you off?

I absolutely love it. You can go anywhere. You can walk out anywhere and be on land that no one has walked on maybe ever; or for hundreds of years.

2. Describe just one of your most favorite “Best Day” or “Most memorable experiences” in Alaska.

Probably on my way up here. I was on the Alcan and I got off and there was a black bear and I was taking photos. I was like – I’m not getting off my motorcycle. And so I’m taking photos. I went to put the camera back and I dropped my memory chips. So I bent over. I got off the motorcycle, bent over to pick up the memory chips and instantly, when I stood up, the bear was literally like four feet in front of me on the other side of the motorcycle and it chased me around the motorcycle. It wanted the food in my bag. There was a really fun, memorable thing to not do again. But other than that, uh, just any chance I can get to venture out and do stuff like this on the tour and go up to the Arctic circle, Coldfoot, anywhere; just anywhere I can get out to and explorer.

3. What in Life do you know for sure?

Nothing’s for sure. Live it. Live in the moment. You only have one life.

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