Name: Julie Hanson
Age: 43
Residence: Anchorage, Alaska

Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic

Years lived in Alaska: 14

Current Location:  Airstrip at Ultima Thule Lodge in the Wrangell-St Elias National Park.

Date of Photo: July 31, 2020
Temperature: 60 F 
Current Weather: Partly Cloudy

What first brought you to Alaska:

I first came to Alaska because I love fishing, hunting and being outside.

How has Alaska captured your heart?

Alaska has captured my heart because of the mountains.

Describe just one of your favorite “Best Days” or  “Most memorable experiences”  in Alaska. 

My most memorable experience was taking my first sheep in the Talkeetna Mountains. When you’re hunting Alpine, it’s like you’re hunting it in a dreamland and I really love it.

What in Life do you know for sure?

What I know for sure in life is that my husband and I have a love that is forever.

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