Name: Bryan Nelson
Age: 54
Residence: Wasilla, Alaska
Occupation: Actor for film, stage, and voice
Years involved with Iditarod: 10
Iditarod Role: Communications / General Volunteer
Current Location: Airland Transport Warehouse, Anchorage
Date of Photo: February 13, 2019
Temperature: 60F / indoors

What is your Why?.. Why are you here today and involved in Iditarod?:

I am here because I have always enjoyed working with the Iditarod, and working hard in Alaska, and just being around a lot of other good hard working people.

Why Iditarod? What does Iditarod mean to you?: What is special about the Iditarod?

Is the Iditarod and Alaska. Dogsled racing and Alaska. I moved to Alaska from Texas while I was in the US military and I tell you what. Hooked with dog racing the very moment I saw it, as well as ice skating. but I am older so it is easier to work with dogs nowadays as opposed to ice skate. So I just love working with the Iditarod.

What word or two describes your motivation to be here?:


What do you know for sure?:

I know that somebody out there has it better than me, and somebody out there has it worse than me, but the sun will rise tomorrow.

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