Name: Mark Osiecki
Age: 59
Residence: Palmer, Alaska
Occupation: Carpenter
Years involved with Iditarod: 9
Iditarod Occupation: Logistics
Current Location: Anchorage
Date of Photo: February 8, 2019
Temperature: 60F

What is your Why?.. Why are you here today and involved in Iditarod?:

I am here today just to help the Iditarod, to get the Iditarod on its way.

Why Iditarod? What does Iditarod mean to you?:

Just being part of the history of the Iditarod and dogs out in the wilderness. Just experiencing Alaska as a whole.

What word or two describes your motivation to be here?:

Outdoor Alaska.

What do you know for sure?:

That I am enjoying my time volunteering for the Iditarod.

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