Faces of Iditarod® – 2019

This is a just small sampling of the thousands of selfless people involved, one way or the other, in the 2019 Last Great Race on Earth®. Mushers, volunteers, spectators, village residents and of course the canine athletes. They are all on equal footing here. The images were made during pre-race activities as well as all along the 1,049 miles of trail to Nome. Both outdoors and indoors. My hopes are that from the images here, which take the subject out of the “Iditarod elements”, combined with their stories (audio & written) and personal info, will show what this thing we call the IDITAROD® really is — An Alaskan event of real-life humans and superstar canines that is simply like no other event in the world. Period. Drop the Mic.

I’m grateful for my friends Matt Waliszek and Andre Horton who helped me conceive this project. And a big thanks to my office assistant, Trent Grasse, and trail assistant Sarah Manriquez whose photo insights and expertise made this a better project. And for my wife Joan whose done the monumental task of transcribing. And to Glenn Aronwits for posting all the work on the site here.

I hope you, the viewer, enjoy the Faces of Iditarod®— 2019

Godspeed —

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Jeff Schultz


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