What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowd-source funding website helping creators, like me, build a community of members that help them create their work and have steady income. Patreon— a play on words from the old days when artists had elite “patrons” who made their work possible. The idea is that you can now be an arts patron and have an important role supporting work you find moving without being conspicuously wealthy.


Why am I using Patreon?

I post images and videos on social media regularly for people around the world to freely enjoy. I also share a free monthly newsletter to educate photographers. This takes time and resources.

My Patreon community was created in order to:

  • Connect more directly and deeply with those who simply enjoy my work or want to learn more about how I create my images, free from the ads and algorithms that drive social media
  • Give these supporters exclusive benefits they want: a peek behind the scenes, extras they can’t get elsewhere, and the pride of fueling what I do
  • Generate predictable, recurring revenue from my work through supporters who pay a monthly stipend.

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Thanks to the monetary support of these wonderful patrons I can continue to bring Faces of Alaska to the world at no charge. THANK YOU PATRONS.

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Rhonda wants an Alaskan live show before it all melts!
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