Professional Image Review & Critique by Jeff Schultz

Image Critique / Portfolio Review  — Value & Benefits

WHY A PROFESSIONAL IMAGE CRITIQUE ?  You may post images to social media or share them with your friends & family and get feedback. BUT just what qualifications do those viewers have when it comes to knowing what makes a good image and how to improve it? During your personal, custom image critique I will offer an objective, educated and detailed, critique & insight of your images.

YOU GET MORE THAN JUST A CRITIQUE: You get me as a “Photo Coach” and can ask any questions you want during our time. My critique will include specific information on how your image can be improved (if it indeed it can be) by both composition, post-processing skills AND with potential ideas to improve the concept through image-creating techniques you may not know of or have considered.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: I do your personal image critique by providing a live, real-time, on-line zoom meeting with you.  You can ask questions on any aspect you want as we move through your photos together. The session is recorded and then posted to a private URL for you to download, watch, re-watch and learn.

WHY TRUST ME FOR A CRITIQUE ? In my 40+ year career as a successful, experienced & published photographer, and former stock photo agency owner for 22 years (Alaska Stock Images), my critique comes from a solid basis and provides you with sound commentary to increase your knowledge. Just like I do on my photo tours and workshops, I am here to help take your photography to the next level. I can help increase your creativity and encourage your growth as a photographer by acting as a resource who communicates both the “how, why and what if” of the image-creating process.


  • Want to understand and learn from a professional photographer how your images can be improved or a new technique to make them unique?


  • Want to have one-on-one time with an experienced professional photographer to ask any questions you want?

If you answered yes to either of these, this image critique is right for you.


Be sure to watch the video to see a demonstration of a critique and learn a critiquing tip you can use when reviewing your own images.—->>

“Jeff’s eye has helped me understand what elements make for an interesting photo and he told me of a couple techniques I could use in the future to make my landscapes have more impact. Having the recorded session allows me to revisit his points and suggestions again and again. The critique was a worthwhile investment.” Jake B.


1. Input your name and e-mail

2. Choose the amount of time/images you want critiqued & add any specific questions you’d like to address

3. Upload your images

4. Make your payment.  Immediately afterward reply to my e-mail to schedule your private, custom photo critique on a day and time that works for you.

Points to Ponder:

  • A good judge understands the process from concept to execution.
  • Rather than spend money on a new piece of equipment you may or may not use, consider investing in photo knowledge which you can use forever to help make your images more impactful.
  • Why Genuine Feedback Is So Important: At different stages of the development of our photographic skills, we naturally experience plateaus in our growth. Even as a professional I’ve done that. I feel it takes someone that has no bias in order to bring up new ideas or show the image creator where the image can be improved and other ideas to enhance the images.
  • If YOU like it, then it’s good. No matter what I or others say about your work, if it pleases you, then that’s good and is really all that matters.

Ready to Take Your Photography to The Next Level?

* GUARANTEE: If you are not completely happy, I will refund you the full amount, no questions asked. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Are you serious about getting started? Here are the next steps.


1. Add your name & e-mail and select the time/image amount. Upload Your Photos and make Your Purchase

Order your critique in time-block increments at increasingly discounted rates.

  • 15 minutes. $39 —For a limited time: $29   Expect 4-6 images to be critiqued. Please upload 10  in case we have time for more
  • 30 minutes – $99 — For a limited time: $79 Expect 6-9 images to be critiqued. Please upload 15 in case we have time for more
  • 1 hour – $189 — For a limited time: $149  Expect 13-17 images to be critiqued. Please upload 30 in case we have time for more.

We will get to as many photos as we can (in the order you desire) within that time frame. Some images require more time than others and will depend on the quantity and type of questions you ask during our session. Typical review time is 3-8 minutes per image.

2. Schedule your personal call

Schedule your time on a day and time that works for you from a Calendar/time link I will send to you once your images are uploaded. This will be a Zoom video call. I will share my screen with you so you can see exactly what I’m showing you.


3. Listen, Watch, Ask & Learn

In our video zoom meeting, I will show you and talk you through my observations (both aesthetically & in technique) of your images. You are encouraged to ask any questions you like. During our time together, your personal video critique is recorded and uploaded to a private URL direlcty after our meeting. You may download and save the recording to watch and listen again and again for a full understanding.Your images are deleted from my server after our meeting. The video critique may not be shared publicly by either of us without permission.

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    GUARANTEE: Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely happy, I will refund you the full amount, no questions asked.

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    Photo Submission

    Privately share your photos with me by uploading them below. Image files may be uploaded at any size. Ideally send .jpg files at least 2000 pixels on the long side without a watermark to make for the most accurate commentary. Feel free to lower the resolution from the full size and/or include a watermark. All image files are deleted from my server after our session.