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Chasing Dogs – My adventures as the official photographer of Alaska’s Iditarod


Text & Photography by Jeff Schultz
Forward by DeeDee Jonrowe
Release Date:  June 1st 2014


Chasing Dogs will take you for a wild ride on the Last Great Race on Earth®, the Iditarod®. Feel the chill of the wind in your hair and the sled under your feet as you explore the frozen tundra of the Last Frontier.” — James K. Colton, former Director of Photography for Newsweek; former Photography Editor for Sports Illustrated


jeff-schultz-portrait3Chasing Dogs offers a rare backstage tour of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® at the invitation of Alaskan photographer Jeff Schultz. Since 1982, Schultz has served as Iditarod’s official photographer, traveling by plane, snowmachine, snowshoes, and on foot to capture the race as no one else has. His images of the amazing dogs, adventurous people, and magnificent landscapes will stay with you long after you close the book. Over the course of his thirty-plus-year career, Schultz has become as iconic as the race itself, having experienced the same harsh trail conditions and weather hazards as the race participants while artfully chronicling their journeys. In Chasing Dogs, Schultz’s stories and photos illuminate what it takes to prepare for and execute the Last Great Race on Earth®, from the race administrators and judges, to the mushers, volunteers, villagers, thousands of fans… and the dogs that they all love. You’ll read about Jeff’s fortuitous meeting with the founder of the race, how that meeting changed Jeff’s life forever, and nearly cost him his life during one race. You’ll discover, too, that Chasing Dogs is a thousand miles of wonder without fear of frostbite.

All books purchased from this website are personally signed by Jeff.



  • Dozens of never-before published photos
  • In-depth story and photos of Jeff’s 1992 near-death plane crash
  • Alaska backcountry adventure
  • Behind-the-scenes information and photos of the Iditarod
  • The “back story” of some of Jeff’s most iconic Iditarod photos
  • Jeff’s tips for getting along in Alaska’s winter wilderness


  • Trim Size: 11″ x 9.25″
  • Pages: 168
  • Photos: over 300, color
  • Format: Softbound Sewn


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Icons of the Iditarod


A new Iditarod book with photography by Jeff Schultz; text by Tricia Brown

About the Book: An “icon” is defined as someone or something that is revered or idolized and directly reflects or symbolizes something else. In this case, Icons of the Iditarod will include memorable people, dogs, places, gear, events and even FOOD from the Last Great Race® that have shaped Iditarod history.

In the thirty-seven years that I have been privileged to be a part of the Iditarod as the official photographer, I have become a part of the “Iditarod family” and met dozens and dozens of amazing dog people: mushers, race officials, race fans and volunteers. Their stories hearken back to the race’s earliest days and their passion for the Iditarod. Likewise, I’ve had a front-row seat as Iditarod has come of age.

Several years ago, Donna McCray of ExxonMobil, one of Iditarod’s major sponsors, asked me to produce a photo display titled “Icons of the Iditarod” for their pre-race reception. They asked for an elegant presentation, so we created the images as classic black-and-white prints. While I was curating those 70 or so images and looking closer at those icons, the idea came to me: expand this concept by adding more icons and broaden the audience beyond those present at that reception where more people could become aware of the many ICONS of the Iditarod. This book was born out of that display.

Who chooses which icons make it into the book? The icons in this book were selected by me, (with input from many long-time Iditaroders). I take sole responsibility for their selection. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list and I do not present myself as the final authority on the subject. I have however done my best to select persons, places, dogs and events that can represent and serve as proxies for all the hundreds of others who constraints of time and space will not permit me to include. It is to all these other unnamed people, places and dogs that I dedicate this book.

Chapters include:

  • Traditions (Red Lantern, Trail Mail, Garland of Roses, etc.)
  • Dogs (Rambo, Andy, Granite, and more)
  • Places (Dalzell Gorge, Farewell Burn, The Rocks of Ruby, etc.)
  • Mushers (Winners, naturally, but we’ll include other iconic mushers, too)
  • Superfans and Supporters (Howard Farley, Bill Devine, Veterinarians, Iditarod Air Force, etc.)
  • Moments (The Famous 1-Second Finish, Moose Attacks, and other unforgettable times)
  • Gear and Food (Tang®, Coleman Stoves/Cookers, Pilot Bread, and more)

Icons of the Iditarod includes images both in classic black-and-white as well as color. Many have not been published before, among them portraits of Iditarod champions taken at their homes in the summer. This is not just a coffee-table photo book. The text, written by Iditarod book veteran Tricia Brown, will educate and advance fresh and exciting details and stories surrounding the Icons of the Iditarod.

Book Details:

  • Flex-bind (thicker than a soft-cover, not as hard as a hard-back)
  • Pages: 144
  • Photographs: Over 125 black & white and color photos
  • Size: 11 x 9 1/4 inches
  • Retail price:  $34.95
  • Publication date: December 2017


Photography: Jeff Schultz & a few others for historical photos
Writer/Editor: Tricia Brown
Photo Editor: Richard Murphy
Design: Elizabeth Watson
Production Coordinator: Richard L. Owsiany



The Icons of the Iditarod is ready to order NOW, right here. All books ordered here are signed and, if you like can be personalized by Jeff at no extra charge. On the order form, please state to whom you would like the books personalized to if you do.  If nothing is chosen Jeff will simply sign and date the book.


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