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Chasing Dogs – My adventures as the official photographer of Alaska’s Iditarod


Text & Photography by Jeff Schultz
Forward by DeeDee Jonrowe
Release Date:  June 1st 2014


Chasing Dogs will take you for a wild ride on the Last Great Race on Earth®, the Iditarod®. Feel the chill of the wind in your hair and the sled under your feet as you explore the frozen tundra of the Last Frontier.” — James K. Colton, former Director of Photography for Newsweek; former Photography Editor for Sports Illustrated


Chasing Dogs offers a rare backstage tour of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® at the invitation of Alaskan photographer Jeff Schultz. Since 1982, Schultz has served as Iditarod’s official photographer, traveling by plane, snowmachine, snowshoes, and on foot to capture the race as no one else has.

Icons of the Iditarod


A new Iditarod book with photography by Jeff Schultz and text by Tricia Brown

About the Book: An “icon” is defined as someone or something that is revered or idolized and directly reflects or symbolizes something else. In this case, Icons of the Iditarod includes memorable people, dogs, places, gear, events and even FOOD from the Last Great Race® that have shaped Iditarod history.

In the thirty-seven years that I have been privileged to be a part of the Iditarod as the official photographer, I have become a part of the “Iditarod family” and met dozens and dozens of amazing dog people: mushers, race officials, race fans and volunteers. Their stories hearken back to the race’s earliest days and their passion for the Iditarod is infectious. Likewise, I’ve had a front-row seat as Iditarod has come of age.

Several years ago, Donna McCray of ExxonMobil, one of Iditarod’s major sponsors, asked me to produce a photo display titled “Icons of the Iditarod” for their pre-race reception. They asked for an elegant presentation, so we created the images as classic black-and-white prints. While I was curating those 70 or so images and looking closer at those icons, the idea came to me: Expand this concept by adding more icons and broaden the audience beyond those present at that reception where more people could become aware of the many ICONS of the Iditarod. This book was born out of that display.

IDITAROD – The Great Race to Nome


Photography by Jeff Schultz
Text by Bill Sherwonit
Forward by Vi Redington
Release Date: January, 2019 (revised from original 1991 publication date)