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Alaska-Style School & Group Fundraising Opportunity

Alaska 2017 Calendar

Photography by Jeff Schultz, Official Photographer of Alaska’s Iditarod®

About the Calendar


Jeff Schultz’s ALASKA 2017 Calendar showcases photographs by award-winning Anchorage resident and professional photographer Jeff Schultz, official photographer of the lditarod. The calendar is printed on glossy, high-quality paper and is beautifully designed. It includes Federal & Alaska holidays, moon phases, an inspirational quote each month next to a small, inset photo. The diversity of the images shows the stunning beauty of many aspects of Alaska.

  • 25 Unique Photos from Alaska
  • Distinctive Quotes from Famous People
  • Creative Design
  • All Alaska and Federal Holidays
  • Moon Phases
  • High-quality – Coated cover, Gloss paper
  • Designed and printed in Alaska

Your school, organization or team can participate in selling this NEW uniquely Alaskan product as a fund raiser.

  • Sell a unique Alaska Product instead of magazines, Christmas wrap and the like.
  • Consignment Based — Return what you don’t sell
  • Selling Entity keeps 50% of funds received.
  • Sell the calendars for as long as you like. We suggest beginning the sales from October 1st through just prior to the Christmas break.

Retail Price is $12.00 each—When a customer buys 5, they get the 6th one free. Called the “six-pack for $60”

Jeff Schultz photography will supply everything you need to make this fundraiser a success including:

  • A printed take-home letter and/or a PDF document explaining the calendar which will inform about the fundraiser
  • Master Inventory sheet
  • Inventory sheet for each person selling the calendars

Checks and payment is made directly to the organization. When the fundraiser is over, the organization cuts one check to Jeff Schultz Photography.

For more information or to sign-up for selling, please contact:

Jeff Schultz   907-279-2797

Calendar Cover

Jeff Schultz's 11c
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