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2018 Alaska Calendar



Photography by Jeff Schultz


Jeff Schultz’s ALASKA 2018 Calendar showcases Alaska wildlife, landscapes and adventure photographs by award-winning Anchorage resident and professional photographer Jeff Schultz, official photographer of the Iditarod. The calendar is printed in Alaska on glossy, high-quality paper and is beautifully designed. It includes Federal & Alaska holidays, moon phases, an inspirational quote each month next to a small, inset photo. The diversity of the images shows the stunning beauty of many aspects of Alaska. Click on the images on the left to see the inside photos.



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  • 25 Unique Alaska Photos
  • Distinctive Quotes from Famous People
  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper in with UV coating on cover
  •  9″ x 12″ folded size
  • 12 x 18” hanging size
  • Hole punched for hanging
  • Photographed, designed and printed locally in Anchorage, Alaska


Icons of the Iditarod


A new Iditarod book with photography by Jeff Schultz; text by Tricia Brown

About the Book: An “icon” is defined as someone or something that is revered or idolized and directly reflects or symbolizes something else. In this case, Icons of the Iditarod will include memorable people, dogs, places, gear, events and even FOOD from the Last Great Race® that have shaped Iditarod history.

In the thirty-seven years that I have been privileged to be a part of the Iditarod as the official photographer, I have become a part of the “Iditarod family” and met dozens and dozens of amazing dog people: mushers, race officials, race fans and volunteers. Their stories hearken back to the race’s earliest days and their passion for the Iditarod. Likewise, I’ve had a front-row seat as Iditarod has come of age.

Several years ago, Donna McCray of ExxonMobil, one of Iditarod’s major sponsors, asked me to produce a photo display titled “Icons of the Iditarod” for their pre-race reception. They asked for an elegant presentation, so we created the images as classic black-and-white prints. While I was curating those 70 or so images and looking closer at those icons, the idea came to me: expand this concept by adding more icons and broaden the audience beyond those present at that reception where more people could become aware of the many ICONS of the Iditarod. This book was born out of that display.

Although I’ve been thinking about the idea since then, I feel now’s the time to produce this book for fans of Alaska history, dogs, and especially Iditarod. Who chooses which icons make it into the book? The icons in this book were selected by me, (with input from many long-time Iditaroders). I take sole responsibility for their selection. This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list and I do not present myself as the final authority on the subject. I have however done my best to select persons, places, dogs and events that can represent and serve as proxies for all the hundreds of others who constraints of time and space will not permit me to include. It is to all these other unnamed people, places and dogs that I dedicate this book.

Sample chapters will include:

  • Traditions (Red Lantern, Trail Mail, Garland of Roses, etc.)
  • Dogs (Rambo, Andy, Granite, and more)
  • Places (Dalzell Gorge, Farewell Burn, The Rocks of Ruby, etc.)
  • Mushers (Winners, naturally, but we’ll include other iconic mushers, too)
  • Superfans and Supporters (Howard Farley, Bill Devine, Veterinarians, Iditarod Air Force, etc.)
  • Moments (The Famous 1-Second Finish, Moose Attacks, and other unforgettable times)
  • Gear and Food (Tang®, Coleman Stoves/Cookers, Pilot Bread, and more)

Icons of the Iditarod will include images both in classic black-and-white as well as color. Many have not been published before, among them portraits of Iditarod champions taken at their homes in the summer. This is not just a coffee-table photo book. The text, written by Iditarod book veteran Tricia Brown, will educate and advance fresh and exciting details and stories surrounding the Icons of the Iditarod.

Book Details:

  • Flex-bind (thicker than a soft-cover, not as hard as a hard-back)
  • Pages: 144
  • Photographs: Over 100 black & white and color photos
  • Size: 11 x 9 1/4 inches
  • Retail price: approx. $34.95
  • Publication date: December 2017


Photography: Jeff Schultz & a few others for historical photos
Writer/Editor: Tricia Brown
Photo Editor: Richard Murphy
Design: Elizabeth Watson
Production Coordinator: Richard L. Owsiany


In March of 2017 this book was first introduced to the public in a Kickstarter ( crowd-source funding campaign. The goal in order to pay for the book was $26,000. I am VERY grateful for those who funded the campaign and reached $28,302. I am very thankful and most grateful to these people who made the book possible:

Adam Legg
Albert Ostrowski
Alice L Fitzgerald
Amanda St. Peter
Amy Cate
Amy Kozlowski
Amy Reams
Andrea Szente
Angie Emmert
Animal Hospital by the Sea
Annette Ledermann
Antonia Reitter
Barbara Carpenter
Barbara Scholl Boucher
Barbara Thompson
Becca Moore
Belinda Thompson
Ben Fitzgerald
Ben Schultz
beth gorr
Beth Handros Shubert
Betsy Butler
Bill & Chuck
Blynne Froke
Bobbie Hjelmgren
Bonnie Church
Brenda Mossholder
Brent Curtis
Brittany Hanson
Bruce & Diana Moroney
Bryan Wachter
carl rogge
Caroline Ernst
Carrie Skinner
Cathy Hart
Cheryl Paine
Cheryl Pochapin
Christine Carroll
Christine McBride
Cindy Klettke
Clare Mck
Coleen Derickson
Colin Whitley
Cynthia Powell
Dan Mahoney
Dana Gordon
Dana Hahn
Daniel Hale
Daniel Lent
Dave & Jenna Squier
Dave Goggins
David Fisher
David Friend
David Ramseur
Dawn Beckwell
Deb Boulton
Deb McDaniel
Deb Rhoades
Debbie Doherty
debbie moderow
Deborah Blake
Deborah Letterhouse
Deborah Martin
Deborah Martin
Deborah Menendez
Debra Jane Krikorian
Denise Hansen
Diane Davis
Diane Peterson
Dianna Sampson
Don Cotogno
Don Gomes
Donna Finner
Donna Outlaw
Donna Rocker
Doug Pense
E L “Chris” Christlieb
E Turner Lewis

Edward Hertelendy
Elaine Bartholomew
Emily Lowe
Gail Phillips
Garry L. Myers
Gary Zimmerman
George W. Stroberg
Gwynn Morgan
Heather Wecker
Helen&Slawko Semaszczuk
Holly Kincaid
Holly Larabee
Jackie Kramer
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Janette Mizer
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Jessica Maciulis
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Karen Rosner
Karen Tipton
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Karyn Traphagen
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Katie Schultz
Kelly and Mike Bender
Kelly Kurschner
Kendall Hamilton
Kent Harrington
Kerry Beever
Kerry Clark
Kevin Kramer
Kim Miller
Kimberly Henneman, DVM
Kirk Hart
Kirsten Cantara
Leanna Anderson
Lee Cera
Lenore Fuchsmann
Lilian Kosten
Linda Bennett
Linda Frank
Linda Jay Jackson
Lindsey Vaughan

Liz Elander
Lizbeth Main
Lois C Greene
Lonny Cruff
Lori Faulkner
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Marcia Claesson
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Marsha Robbins
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Mary Pignalberi
Matt Scott
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Michelle Hogan
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Nannette Morgan
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William R Daly




The Icons of the Iditarod is scheduled to arrive in Anchorage in mid-November, 2017. You can PRE-order your copies of the book here. The book will ship to you when it becomes available in November. All books ordered here are signed and personalized by Jeff. On the order form, please state to whom you would like the books personalized to.


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Chasing Dogs – My adventures as the official photographer of Alaska’s Iditarod


Text & Photography by Jeff Schultz
Forward by DeeDee Jonrowe
Release Date:  June 1st 2014


Chasing Dogs will take you for a wild ride on the Last Great Race on Earth®, the Iditarod®. Feel the chill of the wind in your hair and the sled under your feet as you explore the frozen tundra of the Last Frontier.” — James K. Colton, former Director of Photography for Newsweek; former Photography Editor for Sports Illustrated


jeff-schultz-portrait3Chasing Dogs offers a rare backstage tour of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® at the invitation of Alaskan photographer Jeff Schultz. Since 1982, Schultz has served as Iditarod’s official photographer, traveling by plane, snowmachine, snowshoes, and on foot to capture the race as no one else has. His images of the amazing dogs, adventurous people, and magnificent landscapes will stay with you long after you close the book. Over the course of his thirty-plus-year career, Schultz has become as iconic as the race itself, having experienced the same harsh trail conditions and weather hazards as the race participants while artfully chronicling their journeys. In Chasing Dogs, Schultz’s stories and photos illuminate what it takes to prepare for and execute the Last Great Race on Earth®, from the race administrators and judges, to the mushers, volunteers, villagers, thousands of fans… and the dogs that they all love. You’ll read about Jeff’s fortuitous meeting with the founder of the race, how that meeting changed Jeff’s life forever, and nearly cost him his life during one race. You’ll discover, too, that Chasing Dogs is a thousand miles of wonder without fear of frostbite.

All books purchased from this website are personally signed by Jeff.



  • Dozens of never-before published photos
  • In-depth story and photos of Jeff’s 1992 near-death plane crash
  • Alaska backcountry adventure
  • Behind-the-scenes information and photos of the Iditarod
  • The “back story” of some of Jeff’s most iconic Iditarod photos
  • Jeff’s tips for getting along in Alaska’s winter wilderness


  • Trim Size: 11″ x 9.25″
  • Pages: 168
  • Photos: over 300, color
  • Format: Softbound Sewn


1 book = $29.95 + $7 packaging and postage for media mail (2-4 weeks) or $14 for priority mail
2 books = $57.00 + $14 for priority mail
3 books = $83.00 + $14 for priority mail
4 books = $108.00 + $14 for priority mail
5 books = $125.00 + $14 for priority mail

International Shipping:
1 book Regular Mail $36.00,
1-5 books Priority (5-10 days) $60

Iditarod Educational Slideshow


This is a comprehensive digital slide show that is perfect for teachers, mushers and race volunteers to educate an audience about the Iditarod race. The images are arranged in such a way that they tell the Iditarod story including the history of the trail, history of the race and all about the various trail conditions, checkpoints and many details a musher goes through before and during the race. All aspects are illustrated with these 89 photos.

Included with the show is a written narrative on what the particular photo represents and then it’s up to you, the presenter, to embellish (or not) about the photo and the situation. It is expected that the presenter has a basic understanding of the Iditarod. When you’re done talking about a slide/situation you click to the next slide.

Iditarod Veterinarian Slideshow


This a comprehensive Iditarod slide show that is geared specifically toward the veterinarian and is a perfect way for veterinarians to educate an audience about the Iditarod race and about the workings vets do on the race. The images are arranged in such a way that they tell the Iditarod story including the history of the trail, history of the race and all about the various trail conditions, checkpoints and many details a musher goes through before and during the race. All aspects are illustrated with these 300 photos. Included with the show is a written narrative on what the particular photo represents and then it’s up to you, the presenter, to embellish (or not) about the photo and the situation. It is expected that the presenter has a basic understanding of the Iditarod. When you’re done talking about a slide/situation you click to the next slide. It includes 300 images and shows all the checkpoints and the trail between each one.

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Iditarod Posters

Jeff Schultz has made several posters commemorating the Iditarod over the years. Each is hand-signed by Jeff.

Alaska’s Iditarod Silver Anniversary Poster


This 16” x 20” poster was produced in 1997 to commemorate the 25th running of the race that year and is printed on extra-heavy stock.

The photo was taken during the 1996 race at sunrise, about 3 miles after the Rainy Pass checkpoint, and shows musher Stan (hip-hip) Zuray mushing up a hill with the Alaska Range in the background.

Iditarod 40th Running Poster


This is my all-time favorite Iditarod photo, which shows Jason Barron running on the snow and glare ice of Farewell Lake during the 2008 race.

The 15”x 25” poster is printed on extra-heavy paper stock and is individually hand-signed and numbered in an edition of 1049, the number of miles that the Iditarod Trail length was advertised to be for many years.

Iditarod Alaska Poster


This 16”x20” poster is a composite of two photos. The top photo is a portrait of musher Randy Chappel frosted up at the Nikolai checkpoint in 2004.

The bottom image shows Iditarod champion Mitch Seavey running on the Fish river outside of the White Mountain checkpoint as he’s about to win the race in 2004.

Iditarod: The Great Race to Nome Poster


This 16 ½ x 22 poster is a composite image.

The main photo was taken during the 2010 race in Ptarmigan Valley about 1/3 of the way between the Rainy Pass and Rohn checkpoints. The musher is Paul Gebhart. The lead dogs running was an image I shot years and years ago that worked for this layout.

Wag More, Bark Less Mini Poster


This 9″x12″ “mini-poster” is printed on extra-heavy cardstock and is one of my most popular photos. I call it the “Happy Dog” photo.

The photo has been used on the cover of magazines and on retail products. It is a photo of musher Sonny Lindner’s dog “Simbol” (sic) taken during the 2009 race in Takotna.

Sonny stopped just long enough to check in and out. Simbol rolled in the snow and got up ready to run again.

Other book features

Jeff’s Iditarod photography work appears in many books and is featured in 6 books on the Iditarod including the most recent: “Iditarod Glory” (Graphic Arts Center Publishing) and “Dogs of the Iditarod” which he also wrote (Sasquatch Books). Below are some of the books Jeff’s work appears in or on as well as other good books on the Iditarod. These books can be ordered using the links below through Amazon.

‘Iditarod Glory” by Brian Patrick O’Donoghue, photography by Jeff Schultz

As the Iditarod’s official photographer since 1981, Jeff Schultz has documented this amazing combination of frontier spirit, physical endurance, and human-dog connection in a stunningly beautiful and sometimes brutal landscape. In Iditarod Glory we see the best photos from a man who has dedicated himself to this race for twenty-five years, and who nearly lost his life one year in a plane crash on the job. His evocative photographs capture all aspects of the race from the pre-race frenzy on 4th Avenue in Anchorage to Burled Arch finish in Nome. Rare, behind-the-scenes photos that only the official photographer could manage, are also included.

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“Appetite and Attitude: A Conversation with Lance Mackey”

45 minute video about the world’s preeminent long distance sled dog racer – and a true Alaskan legend! In 2007 – and again in 2008 – Lance Mackey made racing history when he won two 1,000 mile races back-to-back, the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, with most of the same dogs – an incredible feat of endurance, long considered almost impossible.

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“DK Readers: Snow Dogs!: Racers of the North” by Ian Whitelaw

Photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children’s interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge. Snow Dogs! Racers of the North takes readers into the exciting world of dogsled racing, revealing what it takes to be the leader of the pack.

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“Dogs of the Iditarod” by Jeff Schultz

Alaska’s famous furry citizens, the dogs of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, are the most athletic canines in the world. From puppyhood to first days in the harness, from championship runs across a thousand miles of snow to years of pampered retirement, these spectacular dogs are indeed man’s (and woman’s) best friends.

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“Iditarod Dreams: A Year in the Life of Alaskan Sled Dog Racer DeeDee Jonrowe” by Lew Freedman and Deedee Jonrowe

In her first-person narrative, Jonrowe describes her year preparing for the racing season and living the sledder’s life. The book begins with the 1993 Iditarod, in which Jonrowe placed second, and ends with the 1994 race. The authors cover dog training, the raising of pups for future teams, other races such as the Alpinrod in Europe, and the politics of the Iditarod.

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“Mush! The Sled Dogs of the Iditarod” by Joe Funk

The Iditarod has been called the “Last Great Race on Earth.” Spanning over 1,150 miles of the roughest terrain in the world, this race crosses jagged mountain ranges, frozen rivers, forest, tundra, and miles of windswept coast. Add to that the below-zero temperatures, winds that cause complete loss of visibility, long hours of darkness, treacherous climbs, and you know this nickname is no joke. A race this rugged would not even be possible for the human competitors (or “mushers”) without their sled dogs! With between 12 to 15 per team and over 50 teams competing, there are nearly 750 dogs that compete in this race every year. Doggy-lovers and children everywhere will love to learn about these dogs and just how exactly they manage to compete in this grueling race. MUSH! will teach young readers about the Iditarod, the mushers, and the dogs whose history dates back to the famous Balto. Full-color photos will be used throughout to complement the informative text.

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“One Second to Glory: The Alaska Adventures of Iditarod Champion Dick Mackey” by Lew Freedman

In 1978, Dick Mackey claimed the most dramatic victory ever in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, crossing the finish line in Nome a mere one second ahead of Rick Swenson after a two-week, 1,149 mile-run from Anchorage. Many years later Alaskans still shake their heads in amazement. In One Second to Glory, Mackey shares this and many other adventures: Making a home in the forntier state in the heady first day s of Statehood; Surviving the 1964 earthquake and helping rebuild Alaska; Mushing against “Doc” Lombard and George Attla in the heyday of sprint racing; Helping Joe Redington organize the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race; experience 82 degrees below zero at Coldfoot, his famous Arctic Circle truck stop; Mackey’s colorful stories are told in his own words in interviews with Lew Freedman, outdoor adventure writer for the Chicago Tribune and longtime former sports editor of the Anchorage Daily News. Freedman has written seventeen books about Alaska.

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“The Iditarod Fact Book: A Complete Guide to the Last Great Race” by Tricia Brown and Sue Mattson, illustrations by Jon Van Zyle

Jam-packed with fascinating facts and figures about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. This handy guide includes facts on race champions, volunteers, sleds and gear, checkpoints, mushers’ clothing, the expense of running the race, inherent dangers on the trail, food for the dogs and drivers, race history, and more. Included are 20 b&w photos by official Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz and many illustrations by official Iditarod artist Jon Van Zyle, a member of the Iditarod Hall of Fame.

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“The Lance Mackey Story” by Lance Mackey, illustrated by Jon Van Zyle, introduction and foreword by Joe Runyan

Lance Mackey, the incredible Iditarod Champion, writes about his Alaskan childhood, his knock down battle with throat cancer, and how his obsession with dog mushing saved his life. Mackey has the distinction of being the only musher to win four Iditarod races. Not only that, he did it back to back two times by also winning the famous 1000 mile Yukon Quest. He did all this after overcoming battles with addiction, and after surviving cancer. Mackey’s loyal and boisterous fans believe he is the greatest musher ever.

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