Happy Dog Sticker


One of my all-time favorite and well-published Iditarod sled dog photos is this one I call “HAPPY DOG”. The photo has been published on posters, calendars, mugs, and magazine covers. The dog is one of Iditarod musher Sonny Lindner ’s dogs named ” Simbol ” ( sic ). Sonny pulled into the Takotna checkpoint after 13 mile run from McGrath and Simbol rolled around in the snow, hopped to his feet, just raring to go happy as a lark. I was able to make a couple of quick photos of him as he eagerly eyed the trail head.

Recently, Alaskan artist Amanda Rose Warren created this artwork from the photo of Simbol. It has been made into a 4 inch tall sticker and is available here.

$6.75 each First Class Mail USA. Shipping $2 for any amount of stickers. International Shipping $5.