Icons of the Iditarod

A new Iditarod book with photography by Jeff Schultz and text by Tricia Brown

About the Book: An “icon” is defined as someone or something that is revered or idolized and directly reflects or symbolizes something else. In this case, Icons of the Iditarod includes memorable people, dogs, places, gear, events and even FOOD from the Last Great Race® that have shaped Iditarod history.

In the thirty-seven years that I have been privileged to be a part of the Iditarod as the official photographer, I have become a part of the “Iditarod family” and met dozens and dozens of amazing dog people: mushers, race officials, race fans and volunteers. Their stories hearken back to the race’s earliest days and their passion for the Iditarod is infectious. Likewise, I’ve had a front-row seat as Iditarod has come of age.

Several years ago, Donna McCray of ExxonMobil, one of Iditarod’s major sponsors, asked me to produce a photo display titled “Icons of the Iditarod” for their pre-race reception. They asked for an elegant presentation, so we created the images as classic black-and-white prints. While I was curating those 70 or so images and looking closer at those icons, the idea came to me: Expand this concept by adding more icons and broaden the audience beyond those present at that reception where more people could become aware of the many ICONS of the Iditarod. This book was born out of that display.

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If you are an Iditarod race fan, enjoy Alaskan photography or enjoy stories of Alaska’s people and history, this book is for you! Tricia Brown makes the Icons come alive in her talented, award-winning writing. You’ll learn things about these icons that you never knew and you’ll discover Iditarod Icons you never knew about. Icons of the Iditarod includes images both in classic black-and-white as well as color. Many have not been published before, among them portraits of Iditarod champions taken at their homes in the summer. This is not just a coffee-table photo book. The text, written by Iditarod book veteran Tricia Brown, will educate and advance fresh and exciting details and stories surrounding the Icons of the Iditarod.


Chapters include:

  • Traditions (Red Lantern, Trail Mail, Garland of Roses, etc.)
  • Dogs (Rambo, Andy, Granite, and more)
  • Places (Dalzell Gorge, Farewell Burn, The Rocks of Ruby, etc.)
  • Mushers (Winners, naturally, as well as other iconic mushers)
  • Superfans and Supporters (Howard Farley, Bill Devine, Veterinarians, Iditarod Air Force, etc.)
  • Moments (The Famous 1-Second Finish, Moose Attacks, and other unforgettable times)
  • Gear and Food (Tang®, Coleman Stoves/Cookers, Pilot Bread, and more)


Book Details:

  • Flex-bind (thicker than a soft-cover, not as hard as a hard-back)
  • Pages: 144
  • Photographs: Over 125 black & white and color photos
  • Size: 11 x 9 1/4 inches
  • Retail price: $19.95
  • Publication date: December 2017


Photography: Jeff Schultz & a few others for historical photos
Writer/Editor: Tricia Brown
Photo Editor: Richard Murphy
Design: Elizabeth Watson
Production Coordinator: Richard L. Owsiany



The Icons of the Iditarod is available right here. All books ordered here are signed by Jeff and, if you like, can be personalized by Jeff at no extra charge. On the order form, in the notes section, please state to whom you would like the book(s) personalized to. If nothing is chosen Jeff will simply sign and date the book.




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March 2017 Kickstarter Project Info


In March of 2017 this book was first introduced to the public in a Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com) crowd-source funding campaign. The goal in order to pay for the book was $26,000. I am VERY grateful for those who funded the campaign and reached $28,302. I am very thankful and most grateful to these people who made the book possible:

Adam Legg
Albert Ostrowski
Alice L Fitzgerald
Amanda St. Peter
Amy Cate
Amy Kozlowski
Amy Reams
Andrea Szente
Angie Emmert
Animal Hospital by the Sea
Annette Ledermann
Antonia Reitter
Barbara Carpenter
Barbara Scholl Boucher
Barbara Thompson
Becca Moore
Belinda Thompson
Ben Fitzgerald
Ben Schultz
beth gorr
Beth Handros Shubert
Betsy Butler
Bill & Chuck
Blynne Froke
Bobbie Hjelmgren
Bonnie Church
Brenda Mossholder
Brent Curtis
Brittany Hanson
Bruce & Diana Moroney
Bryan Wachter
carl rogge
Caroline Ernst
Carrie Skinner
Cathy Hart
Cheryl Paine
Cheryl Pochapin
Christine Carroll
Christine McBride
Cindy Klettke
Clare Mck
Coleen Derickson
Colin Whitley
Cynthia Powell
Dan Mahoney
Dana Gordon
Dana Hahn
Daniel Hale
Daniel Lent
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Dave Goggins
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Dawn Beckwell
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Deb Rhoades
Debbie Doherty
debbie moderow
Deborah Blake
Deborah Letterhouse
Deborah Martin
Deborah Martin
Deborah Menendez
Debra Jane Krikorian
Denise Hansen
Diane Davis
Diane Peterson
Dianna Sampson
Don Cotogno
Don Gomes
Donna Finner
Donna Outlaw
Donna Rocker
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E Turner Lewis

Edward Hertelendy
Elaine Bartholomew
Emily Lowe
Gail Phillips
Garry L. Myers
Gary Zimmerman
George W. Stroberg
Gwynn Morgan
Heather Wecker
Helen&Slawko Semaszczuk
Holly Kincaid
Holly Larabee
Jackie Kramer
Jamey Krasnican
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Jan Rivers
Jane Blaile
Jane Yahraus
Janet Sheldon
Janette Mizer
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Leanna Anderson
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