Iditarod Veterinarian Slideshow


This a comprehensive Iditarod slide show that is geared specifically toward the veterinarian and is a perfect way for veterinarians to educate an audience about the Iditarod race and about the workings vets do on the race. The images are arranged in such a way that they tell the Iditarod story including the history of the trail, history of the race and all about the various trail conditions, checkpoints and many details a musher goes through before and during the race. All aspects are illustrated with these 300 photos. Included with the show is a written narrative on what the particular photo represents and then it’s up to you, the presenter, to embellish (or not) about the photo and the situation. It is expected that the presenter has a basic understanding of the Iditarod. When you’re done talking about a slide/situation you click to the next slide. It includes 300 images and shows all the checkpoints and the trail between each one.