Shattered Dreams – Finding Hope in Tragedy

A life comprised of tragedies and disappointment, but not despair.

by Joan and Jeff Schultz with James Pence and Deb Glenn
Released Date: October 2022

Six years into marriage, Joan Schultz’s dreams shattered . . . for the first time. She and her husband, Jeff, walked into their four-month-old daughter’s room to find her convulsing—arms shaking; eyes wide and staring. Detailed in Joan and Jeff’s new book from Core Media Group, the baby’s doctors would diagnose her with an uncontrollable seizure disorder. Fast forward five years: doctors now say she won’t walk or talk again. Devastation wracks the Schultze’s. Joan’s faith in God plummets. Along with a deep dive into her Bible, she draws inspiration from the stories of others who’ve faced great difficulties and tragedies, and emerged whole, finding peace, even joy, in their journeys.

What she learned would be tested again and again in years to come, as each member of the Schultz family would face life-altering medical threats. A harrowing plane crash in the Alaska Bush would nearly take Jeff’s life. Joan would walk through the trials of breast cancer. And their son would experience traumatic brain injury during firefighting training.

After three decades of embracing a new “normal” with each tragedy, Joan has written her family’s stories, hoping to encourage others going through hardships of their own. “If I can inspire people with my story, then my goal will be realized,” Joan says. The couple’s gripping journey is detailed in each chapter with sometimes heart-wrenching events, along with miraculous twists and detours. And all the while there’s a beautiful faith dance—one that changed their lives and will touch yours. Their story will help readers navigate through hardship, big and small.

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