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As a professional photographer, I know that often times it’s hard for me to get good, honest information about photography gear, software, photo techniques, and procedures to not only make good photos but also all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes with it. I’m not saying I’m any better than anyone else out there with what’s on this page. I’m just one guy, one photographer making my photos the way I like to make them.

Here’s links to various areas where I share what’s worked for me in my 40-plus years as a professional photographer to create photos that I like. It’s not right and it’s not wrong. It’s just what I use. I hope some of these will help you create better images.

Essentials Kit

Get my advice on the very basics needed to start your Landscape and wildlife photography gear kit.

The Essentials Kit - Free Resource by Jeff Schultz

Gear Closet

Read and watch videos of the specific gear I use and when I use it and why I chose it.

Jeff's Gear Closet preview

Jeff’s YouTube video channel

Watch videos of various subjects including:

– Behind the scenes of how I create my images
– Gear reviews
– Tutorials to take your photography to the next level

Jeff Schultz YouTube channel preview

Jeff’s Photography Blog

Read about my Alaska photo adventures including:

– Alaska Travel tips
– Photo tips and tutorials|
– Product reviews

Jeff Schultz photo blog preview