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Aviation & Alaska: The Super Cub

I recently put together a slideshow of photos that were captured while in-flight from another plane or helicopter. Capturing these “air-to-air” photos is fun because planes look SO dang cool…


January Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60-seconds of Alaska from last month. No F-stops and no words… just some music and photography. I hope you enjoy it!!  


Moose and Pond Photo

I am just so blessed to be able to live in this place we call Alaska. And making a photo like this I think can only happen here. Especially when…



This thanksgiving I wanted to record a short video just to share with you all what I am thankful for in my life. Let me know in the comments what…


October Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60-seconds of Alaska from October. Most of these images were shot during one of my scheduled or custom photo tours. No F-stops and no words… just some music…


The making of star trails

The Back Story to Making This Image— This past spring I saw that the Aurora forecast was supposed to be good for our area… and the sky was going to…


The ultimate Filter Holder and setup

As many of you have read over the years, I’m a big proponent of “getting it right in the camera”.  “IT” is the exposure.  When the exposure range is outside…


2019 Alaska Wildlife Tour

To learn more about the 2019 Alaska Bears , Marine Life, & Landscape Photo Tours and Workshops Please click here

Where’s “THE” Picture

Sometimes when going out into the field, “THE” photo stands out like a sore thumb. Sometimes finding the ideal composition is a bit elusive. And sometimes I walk right past.…


June 2018 Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60 seconds of my best images from June in Alaska. No words, no f-stops, just photography.  


Let My 38th Year Begin!

Let my 38th year of photographing the Iditarod begin! It was a wonderful morning to take some photographs of dogs and their mushers. Keep following me as I photograph the…


Icons of the Iditarod :: Update

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working on a new Iditarod book.  It’s called “Icons of the Iditarod”  Iconic mushers, volunteers, dogs, places, events and even gear…


April 2017 Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60 seconds of images of April in Alaska. No words, no f-stops, just photography.

Shooting in the Freezer!

As the official photographer of the Iditarod for over 36 years, there are three questions I’m asked most often.  The first is a question that gets asked all winter long—…