Alaska Autumn Sunrise Timelapse— Jeff Schultz Alaska Photo Tours & Workshops

Watch this time-lapse that was made over a stretch of 37 minutes prior to and during sunrise. You’ll see the sun making an appearance through a gap in the cloud layer and then disappearing again. This was made in the Knik River Valley of Southcentral Alaska in early October.  Jeff Schultz Photography  Anchorage Alaska.

The ultimate Filter Holder and setup

As many of you have read over the years, I’m a big proponent of “getting it right in the camera”.  “IT” is the exposure.  When the exposure range is outside of the dynamic range of the camera’s sensor, I’d prefer to get the exposure the best I can in the camera, on one frame, rather…


2019 Alaska Wildlife Tour

To learn more about the 2019 Alaska Bears , Marine Life, & Landscape Photo Tours and Workshops Please click here

Mother and Calf with Denali – THE BACKSTORY

This is one of those plain ‘ole serendipitous stories. I was leading a photo tour throughout many parts of Alaska. It was part of my “Into the Wild” photo tour/workshop.  It was the next to last day of our 14-day trip and we were in Denali National Park.  I got up early to see if…


Creek on Turnagain Arm — The Back-Story

Here is the back-story to how I made the May image in my 2019 calendar— A creek with Turnagain Arm in the background:     This creek is barely visible from the roadway. One has to know just where it’s located.  And this creek is not visible at all during high tide. I just happened…


Where’s “THE” Picture

Sometimes when going out into the field, “THE” photo stands out like a sore thumb. Sometimes finding the ideal composition is a bit elusive. And sometimes I walk right past. On a recent 3-day custom tour with three of my past workshop guests, we were on a mission to go to a certain spot to…


June 2018 Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60 seconds of my best images from June in Alaska. No words, no f-stops, just photography.  


Let My 38th Year Begin!

Let my 38th year of photographing the Iditarod begin! It was a wonderful morning to take some photographs of dogs and their mushers. Keep following me as I photograph the race all the way to Nome. See you down the Trail! For the latest images and videos from the trail, follow along with my 2018…


Icons of the Iditarod :: Update

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working on a new Iditarod book.  It’s called “Icons of the Iditarod”  Iconic mushers, volunteers, dogs, places, events and even gear and FOOD! I have to tell you that working on this new Icons book has been a lot of tedious, but VERY rewarding work the past…


April 2017 Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy 60 seconds of images of April in Alaska. No words, no f-stops, just photography.

How Many Photos Do I Take During The Iditarod?

A question I’m asked often while shooting the Iditarod is, “how many photos do you take?” During this year’s race, and really any recent year, I shoot A LOT of photos. But it’s not how many I shoot that matters, it’s really how many photos do I keep. That’s the bigger question! Of any one subject…


Shooting in the Freezer!

As the official photographer of the Iditarod for over 36 years, there are three questions I’m asked most often.  The first is a question that gets asked all winter long— “Are you getting ready for the Iditarod?” The second is asked in the spring and summer: “How was the Iditarod this year?” and the third,…


The story behind the photo — Aliy Zirkle Sunset

The Iditarod village checkpoint of Koyuk, 4th to the finish in Nome, is in an ideal location to get both great sunrise photos and also great sunset photos because of the sea ice that surrounds it. That’s one reason I chose to stay overnight again there this year. When we flew over the village I…


What Photo Gear Do I Take On The Iditarod?

What photo gear does a photographer shooting the Iditarod take along on the race? One thing is for certain. At colder temperatures and with little to no assistance while shooting, EVERY image takes longer and is more of an ordeal to get. It’s not like a summer event where one can quickly change to a…


March 2017 Slideshow

A few of my favorite images from March. No explanation, no text, no f-stops and shutter speeds. Just an old fashion slide show. Enjoy 90 seconds in Alaska with me.

February 2017 Slideshow

This version of the “Last Month in Photos” slide show is a bit different than usual. I did not do much shooting in February other than assignments and one day of fun, stock photography. Mostly I was extra busy with office work gearing up for upcoming workshops, the Iditarod and tax season. Soooo, this show…


Print of the Month: January

It’s THAT time of year again. Bohemian Waxwing birds gather in huge flocks all over Anchorage and literally raid and pluck the Mountain Ash trees free of most all their berries. It’s quite a sight to see…and hear. They are constantly flitting all over the sky from one tree to another. It seems when someone…


January 2017 Slideshow

Here’s a slide show with a handful of my favorite images shot in January 2017. No words, no shutter speeds, just pure photography and music. Enjoy, Jeff! Click here

The Transformation of My Photography, and of Technology Along the Way

I was asked recently about the evolution of my photography career from an amateur hobbyist to a true professional with my own style and how technology may have helped to change some of that. So I thought I’d blog about just that. My journey in photography began in 1973, in the 7th grade and came…


2016 Slideshow

Here’s a slide show with a handful of my favorite images shot in 2016. No words, no shutter speeds, just pure photography and music. Enjoy, Jeff! Click here

Print of the Month: January

Winter landscape of Denali (Mt. Mckinley) and Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in sky with cabin at North Country Bed and Breakfast during a Private custom winter night-sky and landscape photography tour.  Fairbanks, Trapper Creek, Sheep Mountain  December 17-24 2016

November in Photos

Here’s a slide show with a handful of my favorite images shot last month in November. No words, no shutter speeds, just pure photography and music. Enjoy, Jeff!