Unalakleet, Monday, March 11, 2013

Unalakleet —  7 below zero here this morning.  I was happy to have a nice early breakfast with my friends the Ekenweilers.  As usual, they loaned me their snowmachine and I went out before the sunrise and throughout the sun rising to shoot some nice stuff I think.  I am SO grateful for their generosity,…


Unalakleet Checkpoint, March 10, 2013

It’s Sunday evening in Unalakleet.  Had a nice, simple, non-turbulent, flight from Kaltag with Mike Swalling.  As we flew over, I noticed race sponsor Penair’s airplane on the tarmac.  And the wind blowing about 20 mph.  I really wanted to get a hard drive of images on the flight, so as soon as we landed…


Welcome to Unk! March 10, 2013

We spent a few hours in the morning in Kaltag and then hitched a ride with Mike Swalling again to Unalakleet. Check out a couple photos from Kaltag and a few from Unk:

Good Morning Kaltag, March 10, 2013

It’s Sunday morning.  I forgot about the time change, but no worry, the sun will be up at its usual time.  It’s warm here in Kaltag, light snow.  Shot some early morning stuff.  Nice and quiet out there.  Not much press, which is what I like.  Will spend much of today here I imagine, though…


An Evening in Kaltag March 9, 2013

  Saturday March 9, 2013  evening in Kaltag—  I spent just a few hours in Shageluk shooting before moving on to Kaltag.  Wonderful people there as always.   It was a 3 mile drive to the airport for Erin and I to catch our ride.  We took out 10 dropped dogs in the back of the…


Following the Yukon from Shageluk to Kaltag March 9, 2013

After helping to load 10 dropped dogs into a pickup truck and then load the same 10 dropped dogs into the back of pilot Jerry Wortley’s plane, we waited a short while for Mike Swalling to pick us up in Shageluk and fly over the mighty Yukon River toward Kaltag.

March 9, 2013, from Iditarod to Shageluk

Saturday March 9, 2013    I was delighted to see the ceiling lifted and the winds calmed down enough for the Iditarod Air Force pilot, Ed Kornfield picked me up from Iditarod.  It was an easy ride, we circled around Shageluk to take a photo of teams resting.  Erin was here and met me and began…


Friday March 8th early afternoon

It was a beautiful night last night here, clear, warm.  Good for us humans, a bit too warm for the dogs.  I enjoyed shooting the evening shots without gloves.  Had  a great night sleep last night in the old Iditarod checkpoint cabin thanks to long-time volunteer Jim Paulus.   It got more and more windy…


Thursday March 7, 2013

It’s early evening and I’m in the ghost-town of Iditarod.  Woke up early this morning at Takotna, shot some images just before dawn and then Erin and I flew with Danny Davidson to Iditarod.  The forecast was for really high winds, which we experienced just a bit of turbulence on the way over.  Because of…


March 7, 2013, Last Morning in Takotna

Jeff went out one final morning in Takotna and got a few photos of teams resting or preparing to leave. Later that morning we caught a plane to Iditarod. More to come.

Goodnight Takotna…March 6, 2013

Pilot Greg Fischer, in orange vest, welcomes a sledload of dropped dogs at the airstrip in on Wednesday March 6, 2013.Iditarod Sled Dog Race 2013Photo by Jeff Schultz copyright 2013 DO NOT REPRODUCE WITHOUT PERMISSION Dropped dogs are loaded onto pilot Greg Fischer’s plane on the Takotna airstrip on Wednesday March 6, 2013.Iditarod Sled Dog…


Takotna March 6, 2013

After a quick stop in Nikolai, we spent the night in Takotna at the Takotna School. Jeff went to bed early and got up before sunrise to photograph incoming mushers and teams as snow fell on the town. There are about 29 teams resting here, most taking their mandatory 24 hour break. Aaron Burmeister was…


Rainy Pass March 4 & 5 2013

Tuesday March 5th — Nikolai 5 pm. So I’ve been off-line and out of touch of the normal world as of 1 pm yesterday when I left Rainy Pass with Steve Perrins Jr on a snowmachine for Rohn.  We spent until 7:30 pm on the trail waiting for mushers and looking for good spots.  It…


Finger Lakes Checkpoint, March 4, 2013

Wade Marrs of Wasilla brings his dog Pumpkin into the Finger Lake checkpoint in the sled March 4, 2013. Mitch Seavy’s team near Finger Lake checkpoint March 4, 2013. Dogs howl at the Finger Lake checkpoint March 4, 2013. A volunteer holds onto Wade Marr’s team at the Finger Lake checkpoint March 4, 2013. Finger…


Race Restart in Willow March 3, 2013

Sunday March 3rd 8:30 pm at Finger Lake—- Today was a rush-rush day doing the restart and then flying here to Finger Lake.   Like previous years I had my friend Ron Halsey running me and this year’s assistant Erin Hooley around on a snowmachine.  It was buisiness as usual on Long Lake where many, many…


Ceremonial Start of the Race March 2, 2013

Was quite an Iditarod start today  — It began extra early for me as I left the house at 6:30 this morning to help coordinate a group of ExxonMobil poster rollers get set up to distribute 5,000 posters to Iditarod fans at the start.   Being down there so early it was a really cool feeling…


Vet Checks February 26, 2013

This morning I went to Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla and photographed the army of volunteer veterinarians at the mandatory vet check. Each dog must be examined by a vet for its fitness to run the race. It was so much fun to watch the vets interacting with the dogs. These sled dogs are some of…


Friday February 15, 2013 People Food

Yet another day of volunteers and sponsors working tirelessly to make the 2013 Iditarod happen at Airland transport in Anchorage. Airland was taken over by 60+ volunteers, led by Pat Owens where they sorted and re-packed food and supplies for the volunteers working at each of the checkpoints. The Airland employees shrunk their operations down…


February 13, 2013 Food Drop

Today was the first of two days of intense work by a small army of volunteers in what is called the “Food Drop”. A week or more earlier, musher’s put together 1-4 bags of supplies for each of the 22 checkpoints. In these bags are dog food— frozen meat and dry food, musher’s food and…