About Faces of Alaska

Alaska is… the largest State in the U.S. It is both the northernmost and the westernmost state. It is a stunningly beautiful State with fantastic, talented and extraordinary people and a monumental number of wild animals and wild places. It is a land of extremes.

I have travelled and photographed Alaska and Alaskans on assignments and stock images since 1978. I am now on a mission to be more intimate with the images and the stories of the special people who make up this special place. And of the stunning places they live, work and play.

Faces of Alaska is my perpetual project to bring the countless Faces of Alaska to the world via this website. And to tell their stories in text and audio.

View the images of the diverse people and stunning places and read and hear the stories of just what and who make up this Great Land and vibrant people.


I hope you, the viewer, enjoy the Faces and Places of Alaska

Godspeed —

Watch a 3-minute video of the backstory of why I”m doing this Faces of Alaska project and a behind-the-scenes of how the portraits were created during my first Faces of Alaska adventure on Alaska’s North Slope haul road.

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